Movement Studio

The Meadow’s Connect is a movement studio offering a space to Connect with yourself. This open and light filled space offers hot yoga as well as non-heated yoga, guided meditation, kids’ yoga, Kundalini yoga, African dance workshops and more to come. Come on over and Connect to that sweet peaceful place within.

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Heated Yoga

Heated Yoga classes are energetic, fun, and diverse. With creative transitions and pose sequencing, you will build an inner fire using both your breath and body. Come join in for deeper stretching, cleansing sweatiness and mindful breathing.

Guided Meditation

Come join us and be gently guided into a centeredness that helps release the stresses of daily life challenges. Connect to your inner peace.

African Dance

African dance incorporates fun, fancy footwork with full body movements set to high energy drum rhythms from West Africa. Come move with us!

About our Teachers

Becca Detwiler

It is my intention with every class to open and deepen the connection to yourSelf. Using the body and breath as a gateway into the here and now, and observing what unfolds within.

Lynnette Gerondakis

Lynnettes love for yoga has deepened over two decades.  She leads practices that combine embodiment of asana, pranayama & meditation.  By teaching classes that are inclusive for all levels & abilities she encourages you to cultivate an awareness so that you can blossom into ownership of your own practice. Offerings are drawn from her own practice as well as her 500 + hour e-RYT certification in various styles of yoga. Come take a class  at The Meadow or connect with her through her website:

Stacy Glass-Aylsworth

Stacy has been in the fitness business for over 30 years. She has taught group classes, worked one on one with clients, taught Tae Kwon Do, worked as a physical education teacher for youth in public schools and now teaches Hot, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Stacy knows that there is no finish line in yoga and she is sure to spend the rest of her life rolling out her mat and taking the time to teach, practice and live the yoga lifestyle

Carissa Drummond

The ability to move, breathe, and connect is vital to who we are as beings. Without the compassion and discipline of a rounded yoga practice–both on the mat and off–we may not fully realize the intricacy and splendor of our beautiful spirits. Yoga is the unifying practice between breath and body, spirit and heart. As much as it grounds us back into the earth, it also elevates our joy, our connection, our love. What might start as an activity becomes a passion and later a lifestyle. Our practice humbles us, inspires us, and designs us. It is my honor to guide you and support you on your path as a seeker of compassion, harmony, and love. With over 500 hours of teacher training and local experience in other studios, it is with great joy that I offer classes that are rooted, intentional, focused, playful and creative. I look forward to spending time in breath and practice with you.

Joyce Kilburg

Namaste meadow tribe. I have been teaching in El Dorado County for 25 years. I teach vinyasa and yin yoga including the limbs of yoga. I enjoy sharing the tools for a peaceful life. When not teaching I am doing cupping massage or hanging out in my garden. I am disciple of Paramhansa Yoganannda , a wife, mother of two beautiful young women , a dog and two cats. Om Tat sat

Justin Patel-Craft

Justin views yoga not simply as a physical practice, but as a way of life–a tool to move through this world with integrity and compassion.  His reverence for yoga can be felt in the way he expertly guides his students through a well-crafted sequence, occasionally weaving in yogic philosophy and using the vibrations of the Sanskrit language.  He facilitates a safe and loving space for the practitioners to  connect with themselves on a deeper level and encourages them to explore the universe within.  Justin is a 200 YTT certified instructor and Holistic Nutrition Consultant. 

Carlie Stewart

Lisa Mackie

Yoga provides the opportunity to practice accepting and loving ourselves.  Each time we come to the mat, we honor our bodies, its limits and its capabilities.  When we practice self- love and acceptance on the mat, we can provide that same approach off the mat.  Working with our own mind fluctuations, yoga helps us connect with the essential nature of our being, which is bliss.  “As a tethered bird flies this way and that, and comes to rest and land on its own perch, so the mind, tired of wandering about…settles down to the true Self.”  My hope is that this practice continues to bring you on a journey of self- discovery and connectedness.    Come join me and go beyond your thoughts to a place of love, freedom, movement and wisdom.  Lisa has 500+ hours e-RYT training with Cathy Conners, Karen Miscall Bannon, and Rusty Wells.  

Mandy Nowotenski

I was 24 when I took my first real yoga studio class. It was in that first class I realized how I had spent much of the previous decade burying and disguising the pieces of myself that I felt were either too much, not enough, or didn’t quite fit in. That class and this practice has helped me discover how to come home to myself, again and again, while navigating this rollercoaster that is life. Every class, I honor the person I truly am, with no titles, expectations, shame or trauma. The happy, delighted, loving and connected self. Yoga helps me physically and mentally stand a little taller and breath a little deeper. It helps me to navigate all of my roles and responsibilities from a centered place of love, compassion and ease. When I took my Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 with Yoga Reclaimed it was an eight month course. I had just found out I was pregnant before I signed up, and this training would last the duration of my pregnancy. Completely dedicated to teaching, I finished my E-RYT 200 hour training with a newborn baby on my hip, my heart exploding with love. This whole experience shaped how I teach, the grounded and focused, yet playful and lighthearted style that I bring to the class. My intention is that my students have fun, build strength and come home, loving themselves and seeing themselves a little clearer, and with a lot more love.

Justin Wenck

Justin Wenck combines traditional techniques with modern methods to make it easy for anyone to have less stress, more energy, and live from the heart. Justin has over 15 years of experience with yoga and meditation, 500+ hours of yoga teacher training, and certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP). His teachings make it easy (and even fun) to bring your mind, body, and spirit into a more harmonious state of wellbeing. Join him for a class at The Meadow or connect with him online:

Lee Chiusano

Hello, I am Lee Chiusano. QiGong; Energy-work, Flowing into Oneness. I will Guide a movement meditation with Intention being the Essence of Balance and Source. Practice is about 45 minutes of slow flowing movements, breath, intention, connecting, healing, and creating light. It will become YOUR own dance. Feel it, come as your are. My Teacher Says; “It is easier Done than Said.”

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