Our story

Welcome to The Meadow! My name is Katie and this is my dream come true! My intention is to create a space that offers you a sweet balance of some of life’s beautiful gifts. The inspiration of The Meadow has been evolving for quite some time and I am so happy to be able to finally share it with you.  Growing up with parents who love to garden and cook and having such a deep love for nature has guided me down this meaningful path.

I loved working at nurseries and cafes in my younger years, and always thought I would own a garden center and cafe one day. Timing wasn’t quite right so I went in a different direction for awhile. Within recent years, I have taken a deep meaningful path into the love and appreciation of self, through breath and  meditation….Which I guess, completed my vision. And here we are, The Meadow! 

The Meadow’s Connect, offers a sweet space to find that creative place within through classes, workshops & community. The Meadow’s Grow, offers a garden center, to remind you of the joy, beauty and wonder found in nature’s gifts. And The Meadow’s Nourish, coming soon, will offer tasty drinks and healthy treats to feed your body. I hope you find the love and excitement we all want to share when you visit! Come Connect, Grow & Nourish with us.

Thank you so much!